Cañasgordas and the Independence Gesta Alberto Silva Scarpetta, miembro de la Academia de Historia del Valle del Cauca. Giancarlo Manzano / El País By: Alberto Silva Scarpetta De Palmira, veterinarian […]


The patrimonial value of the Hacienda Cañasgordas is also based on the natural environment, which gives it environmental and landscape characteristics, typical of the implantation and original vocation. The singular […]


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482 Years of Foundation of Santiago de Cali

Santiago from cali, In an interview with one of the most renowned historians of Cali, Nicolás Ramos Gómez, president of the Society for Public Improvements of Cali, gave us a […]


The Alférez Real The book, El Alférez Real, originally published in 1886, has the merit of reconstructing the life of the great Vallecaucan haciendas, which were decisive in the regional […]

Inauguración Hacienda Cañasgordas

On May 10, the inauguration of the delivery of works of the emblematic Hacienda was held, with the accompaniment of Governor Dilian Francisca Toro, in the reopening, in addition to […]

Precursors of Independence

“We Caleños have to feel proud that we were really the precursors of independence as the Cali anthem says” Nubia Gaona. Nubia Gaona Huergo Born in Cali, she studied at […]

The birds of Hacienda Cañasgordas in Cali

Por: Luis Fernando Castillo, Calidris Association Director. “Cali was then the city of palms; and in those towering and elegant plants the coclíes nested. These large birds formed noisy ramblings […]

The Hacienda Cañasgordas, Event production

History is a legacy and an important heritage of the identity of a people. We Caleños must know him, we must live him. Holding an event at Hacienda Cañasgordas has […]